Posted on February 3, 2017

A decade of design for Nikon

We are best know for our work designing and building international trade exhibitions for us across Europe, but we also have more than ten years worth of designing e-cards and preparing illustrations for Nikon’s corporate festive card. In this case cards are not for Christmas as that word itself is not to be used as the cards are sent our globally beyond the Christian world. However that holiday is now fully associated with gift-giving and frosty wintry images.  Here are some of our favourites:

When we first started in 2004 the cards were for print and a jpeg was supplied almost as an after thought. Then we used to print the festive greetings text internally and some were done with matt and gloss laminates as touch and texture were important back then, when you tore open the card from it’s envelope. The move to e-cards only gave us new challenges, but now this is the most common way to receive a festive greeting.

They can be used a a variety of messages and an illustration gets a far higher click rate than just a headline. Talk to us if you want to enhance your e-mail marketing campaigns and improve response rates.

Posted by Neale Gilhooley Febuary 2017.