Posted on August 27, 2013

Adobe Creative Cloud subscription based software creates ugly headlines

Adobe’s move to the Creative Cloud incites anger (Mashable)

Unhappy customers want to parachute from Adobe’s Creative Cloud (Wired)

Adobe kills Creative Suite, moves to service-based Creative Cloud

Online petition against Adobe’s Creative Cloud approaches 12,000 (PC Mag)

Adobe abandons its Creative Suite to focus on Creative Cloud


Creative Cloud complainers will love us, once they try

(Adobe Software Marketing Executive)

Like many other design companies we are users of Abode products such as: InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Acrobat Pro, Flash, Fireworks & Contribute

We have bought and paid for them as needed and often do not run with the latest version. From end of June we will be faced with paying a monthly subscription for any upgrades to the software that we have used, bought (licensed) and paid for.

We also train some of our website design Clients how to update their own content using Adobe Contribute. This is a useful as it is tried and tested and very cost effective Content Management Software as opposed to an often complex and costly Content Management System. Bespoke or out of the box; CMS have relatively high integration costs, especially on smaller business websites and are often the sledgehammer approach, where as Contribute works very well and our Clients love it for its ease of updating text and images adding PDF’s etc. all that most Clients needs on a daily or weekly basis. The good news for existing users is that if you do not need to upgrade in the future you can continue to use Contribute without needing the monthly subscription, nor will you get locked out. So no change or costs is a good thing. NEWS: Contribute is not going to be part of Creative Cloud Adobe have told us so for new customers until mid-June this will also apply however they have already stopped selling the CD version it is only available on download. This is fine until you want to move it to another machine or device and then you need to ensure that you have a back up copy as well as a note of the product keys.

Why have Adobe done this? They state that they can update and improve the range of design products as and when needed not on a 1-3 year cycle. Currently when users need to look at the upgrades they often wonder what the real enhancements are and whey they are paying for ‘features’ that they may never use, the classic software dilemma that the publishers share with their customers. They create it and we pay for it. Many only see this as a revenue generating exercise and a way of locking in future income streams. However they have alienated a huge and vocal segment of their customer base, many of whom now are hungry for an alternative product. So much for our loyalty. Often from a problem an opportunity arises, but can new products break this market dominance?

It is such a problem that an online petition is now running with over 12,000, 23863, 31,988, 42,417 46,320 signatures (Jan 14) here: feel free to sign up as we have. That is a lot of customers, or soon to be lapsed customers.

We also noticed how poor so many Adobe products logos are, these logos are not well designed but they registered trade marks of Adobe.

Full list of products are here: