Posted on December 12, 2013

Ask The Expert guest article in Business Comment magazine

ECoC-150x150Thanks to the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce for the opportunity of writing a guest article on Logo’s and Brands in their members magazine Business Comment, Ask The Expert feature for the December issue.  We have already had a lot of positive feedback to the article that I penned on Logo’s & Branding and how a brand can be developed from a logo and one offer of as a Guest Speaker at a business event in Spring 2014. We also noticed a small spike in our webstats around the issue date.  See full Ask The Expert article here (no longer online) or for more on the value of good logo design and brand development click here.

This article published by Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce in their membership magazine Comment was subsequently turned into a 20 minute talk for Chamber members held at the offices of Anderson Strathern and a PowerPoint slides are available on request.  Read the full article here >  ECoC_Business_Comment_Dec13_1