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  • Autumn launch for AMA Homes new corporate website

    Posted on September 24, 2014

    AMA Homes website homepageAutumn sees the launch of a new corporate website for AMA Homes the renowned Edinburgh property developer. We were delighted to be commissioned to re-design and rebuild this large website covering all 25 years of AMA’s award winning residential homes and commercial developments across Edinburgh.

    We had previously been appointed to build a microsite for a single development the new Caer Amon Apartments in Cramond which has helped AMA sell a large number of the luxury flats already.

    So it’s a vote of confidence to be appointed to build the new AMA Homes website, including a property search function and news, awards of all their new developments, including some previews of developments still under wraps.

    Their apartments really are luxury and start at £255,000 for a 1 bedroom apartment at the Printhouse in Canonmills to three properties at Caer Amon in Cramond valued at over one million pounds the highest being a 5 bedroom detached house for sale at £1.5m you can see it on video here > 

    Below you can see some of the images from the Marchmont School redevelopment.  Many more on the website.

    AMA Marchmont School internal photos



    You can visit AMA’s new website here >

  • The new .scot (DotScot) domain name is available to register

    Posted on September 10, 2014

    The DotScot registry has been around for a few years and are now available to register as .scot. Their application for .scot was accepted by the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers)  in 2012. There was silence for quite a long time after they passed the evaluation process but before the 18th of September a few showcase .scot domains were made live, so it is now real. But it has to be said at a cost of £34.99 which is ten times the cost of a, and the full roll out for something as complex as a new domain from a new Registrant might still take some time but it is happening. Early press report say that 4,000 .scot domains have been registered. Sounds like a fair amount in one day, but still quite niche.

    So the next question is that if you have a mature well ranked domain would you want to migrate to a .scot? More importantly how would your Google rankings be affected by starting again? Knowing Google I’d say not favourably. And that makes it very risky for online brands and retailers unless the transition is managed very well over a very long period, and without looking like a mirror site which could incur a Google penalty. So how long would it take for buyers to trust a new .scot domain? With no apparent advertising budget to promote it maybe quite some time. DotScot’s (.com) website with the last News article dated 18 December 2012 its no wonder most within the industry as still not clued up.  Read below research done on the trustworthiness and esteem that’s are held in before you choose.

    There are many tourism or travel related companies who could benefit from a .scot amongst the Scottish diaspora audience, but is it a landrush opportunity or just another cost to business by the need to duplicate domain name extensions? Always hard to tell in advance, (after having some experience of previously registering – not ‘co’ for ‘company’ but Co for from Columbia as I later found out) added to the growing domain portfolio of .eu, .net, .info & amongst other variants  just to keep competitors at bay at ever more annual expense. This is a hot topic hundreds of new generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) extensions are coming up for pre-registration soon such as .travel, .architect, .finance and of course .credit.  Yes more opportunities and more cost! And you may need multiple variations.

    Another question is now raised about trust, which is vital in e-commerce transactions. Anecdotal evidence indicates that overseas buyers place a lot more trust in domains than some other European on non-geographic domains (including .coms).


    Who would want to give that advantage up, Nominet’s own recent report states that 81% of British internet users prefer to use a .uk website.

    Click here to view full report findings and thanks to Nominet for supplying this report which is of value to internet marketers.

    Written by Neale Gilhooley, Evolution Design 10th September 2014, updated 24/9/14

  • Ramsay Cornish Auctioneers & Valuers new website attracts thousands of visitors in first week

    Posted on August 1, 2014

    Homepage for Ramsay Cornish websiteThis long established firm of Edinburgh-based auctioneers and valuers wanted a new website that would be easier to update with a fresh clean look to reflect the positive changes that are taking place keeping the company modern and forward thinking. Ramsay Cornish have a very high profile within the trade but wanted to increase awareness in the wider public of using an auction house as a way of buying and selling interesting often unique objects of art or furniture. Best known for their Saturday Sales which usually contain 300-400 separate lots which are updated weekly on the site. They also hold specialist sales for Silvers, Antiques Collectors, Art and other events such as some TV appearances for auctioneer Martin Cornish (linked on the website). They are plan to making more of a feature of their Lane Sales now monthly on a Thursday as you can see from their busy calendar on the new > Ramsay Cornish website. We also helped them to communicate with customers via a branded e-mail newsletters for MailChimp, a really efficient and cost effective way of keeping in touch with customers old and new. If you are interested is visiting an auction just ask to be added to the Newsletter mailing list.