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  • Building trust with the personal touch

    Posted on October 4, 2016

    will-writing-co-stand-design-2016Who would you trust with your life savings, your property and investments, you last will and testament; someone you’ve received a sales call from or someone you have actually met? This is where trust is the most important quality and meeting people face-to-face is the best way to be able to achieve that, not for a direct sale but as an introduction to the issues and needs that may arise, and not just in later life. When preparing for life and death matters you may need someone to manage your affairs in a legally correct way, in a manner that you would see fit, especially if you are unable to to these things for yourself in later life. People ought to consider these issues well before they are needed and the Will Writing Company specialise in preparing Wills and also Power of Attorney (POA) agreements.. Think if you were incapacitated for any length of time, who would manage your business interests or household if you had an enforced day-to-day absence. So a POA can have other practical uses.

    wwco-finalSo when is the best time to raise these delicate matters? Over 2,500 people attending the Alzheimer’s Show at Olympia in London are preparing themselves to face these questions. The stand that we designed and built for the Will Writing Company (past of the Estate Planning Group) needed to convey some of the key introductory messages, so we wrote some headlines about estate planning and POA not being solely for the very elderly. With today’s demographics if you do need to consider Power of Attorney and writing your first or updating a will why not visit the Will Writing Co experts for more information as wise estate planning is part of life’s journey as we say above. If you need exhibition stand design you can see more of our work on our Display & Exhibitions page.

    Posted by Neale Gilhooley


  • SELECT a qualified person to do the job

    Posted on September 30, 2016

    select_logo Welcome to our new client SELECT the trade association for the electrical contracting industry in Scotland as they have appointed Evolution Design® to create 3 radio commercials to support their new safety campaign. Often business opportunities arise with new legislation and that is the case in the Electrical industry which SELECT represent. On 1st December 2016 new legislation for Landlord in Scotland is legally enforceable.  The law has been  strengthened so that as well as portable electrical appliances needing tested (PAT testing) the actual electrical system itself needs to be checked with a Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) once every 5 years and SELECT member firms are authorised to certify Landlords properties.

    When you have a topical story to tell or a hard deadline to achieve then radio can be a great medium for you. Using local radio can deliver rapid geographic coverage at low costs and if backed up by a website can generate sales leads for you, on top of the boost in general awareness for your service or specific message.

    Bauer Radio NetworkIn this case SELECT already knew the value of radio and asked us to recommend a schedule, then script and produce the commercial, once approved by SELECT and RACC (Radio Advertising Copy Clearance) we negotiated airtime through the Bauer Media’s network of Scottish stations from big city stations Radio Clyde and Radio Forth to  Moray Firth Radio, Northsound, Radio Borders, Tay FM, and West Sound & West FM to deliver the message in a snappy 20” commercial designed to be factual with out being alarmist, ending with the line visit to encourage potential customers to make contact via their search function of member firms.  Here you can hear the commercial.

    Select website Landlords pageAs well as using social media, SELECT are also creating a leaflet and using PR to reach these audiences through existing trade press contacts and opportunities with every effort being made to drive more relevant traffic to their website with its certified member search covering all of Scotland, although it is a safety campaign it is also a lead generation campaign. SELECT’s use of commercial radio has proved to be so successful that two further campaigns have been created and broadcast across the main commercial radio stations that cover Scotland.  The latest campaign aired in September and October (2016) and reach mass audiences of potential customers for SELECT Member firms across the same national network of radio stations, all aimed at raising awareness of the work the SELECT do and gaining relevant traffic for their website with the prominent Find A Contractors search function leading to enquiries and revenue for member firms.

    Adwords_logoWe are also running a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign for SELECT using Google AdWords. A very cost effective medium for such specific audience targeting, both by interests and geographically and you only pay after someone uses Google to search for your keywords and then clicks on your advert. The data available through webstats is quite staggering and you can drill down into visitor figures by linking your Adwords campaign reporting and your Google Analytics account. It is always interesting to see how much each keyword term bid costs, often unpredictable as it is based on bidding so is heavily influenced by the number of competitors at that particular time.  Even if your advert is not clicked on you do get some free awareness value from it appearing through page impressions, and bids can be adjusted in real time, or paused when a budget is hit or an audience figure is achieved. Are there any target audiences that you would like to send a message to?

    Posted by Neale Gilhooley (updated 29/9/16)


  • Contemporary new logo design and website for the Goodrow Consultancy

    Posted on August 31, 2016

    Goodrow website homepage screengrabLike many businesses, deciding  to add new services and new staff was the catalyst that made our existing client Goodrow Building Consultancy decide to ask us to give their website a full refresh with a new company logo and a new fully responsive website design. The new site has a very contemporary colour palette and feel. They have also added more content and carried over their important Briefings newsletter section which is popular with their clients current and potential customers and with Google, who love specific content.

    “We have been delighted with the impact of the new website, designed by Evolution. It is very clear, concise and modern and has gone down very well with our clients. We would strongly recommend Evolution’s services to others” said Jon Rowling Director at Goodrow Building Consultancy.

    The new website also makes good use of testimonials. To visit the site click here > click to see more of the websites designs

    Posted by Neale Gilhooley