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  • Plumbing Pensions

    Posted on October 1, 2013

    The Plumbing Pensions brand has been carefully developed as it is a financial institution for a specific industry. However he pensions industry is facing increasing regulatory changes and incredible pressure from all sides.

    Change also brings opportunities and Plumbing Pensions has adapted quickly to the new forces reshaping the pensions industry. A new product and new audiences mean new messages needed to be developed and delivered through printed brochure, printed flyers, exhibition material and event flyers as well as the website.

    As well as that the website has evolved beyond recognition and e-mail campaigns are now used to target potential new member firms.

  • Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh – RCPE

    Posted on October 1, 2013

    The Royal College of Physicians approached us with a desire to create a graphic framework to develop new literature to mixed audiences. We started with a branded folder and a suite of variable inserts (in both electronic and printed format), followed by Membership literature to encourage new members as well as retention. The look and style became the new template for College publications and even on stationery and invoices. We also designed and produced branded pop-up banners for use at events alongside the event material.

  • Lofthus Signs

    Posted on October 1, 2013

    As well as the logo, vehicle liveries and external depot signage we also created a suite of literature for Lofthus Signs to use. Their growth strategy had identified new target audiences in the architectural area who were used to ordering industrial and retails signs from out with Scotland. They needed to be introduced to a company with an enviable tack record who not only manufactured but also installed their own signs on site, often not the case.

    Right see other items of literature produced by Evolution for Lofthus Signs for both architectural signs and also for engraved signs.

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