• Plumbing Pensions

    Posted on October 4, 2013

    The industry wide pension scheme with assets of over £1.3 bn started over 30 years ago. They recognised the need for a pro-active Auto Enrolment communications campaign aimed at their customers within the plumbing industry in advance of changes in legislation. The campaign started with factual information for Pension managers, with mailer, e-newsletters and website support and compliance solutions. Communicated with the creation of the illustrated character Penny Plumb who guides Employers and Employees through different scenarios to assist in member retention and recruitment for the scheme. This integrated campaign used printed and online literature as well as e-newsletters and Twitter feeds as well as the Clients established industry PR contacts to generate publicity and relevant website traffic.

    We re-designed the brand to reflect their position as a trusted financial services provider, referencing plumbing subtly. The two colours of blue with the Gill Sans condensed font give the appropriate reassuring conservative feel to the customers. The double PP icon forming the initials in the two colours and making the letterforms in a simple way with two directional changes and although flat the top and bottom very subtly show they are pipes without over doing it but making a distinctive and versatile icon for Plumbing Pensions.

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    Update September 2017. The website that we designed for Plumbing Pensions created back in 2009 has now been replaced. The branding remains consistent.


  • Lofthus Signs

    Posted on September 25, 2013

    Our approach was to give the company a clean, legible, friendly brand to project their service to potential customers. Particularly on the fleet of vans and their building signage, we wanted their customers to think that they too can get that clarity and legibility for their own company signage. To push that thought we also created the strapline of Ensuring Visibility, adding value to the new identity.

    It was also very important for Lofthus to sit comfortably among their competitive set with their new brand which would take their business into the next level of development.

    The dark blue and deep pink colours were chosen to balancing conservative and industrial with real visual impact.

    The lower case ‘lofthus’ (positive reading) with the upper case ‘signs’ (inverted) are both framed in rectangles, both attached yet slightly overlapping was to suggest the various types of signage without having to depict neon bulb glow or attachments like screw heads etc.

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  • CMCE

    Posted on September 25, 2013

    It is quite a unique design project to be involved in to create the identity for a new industry body; Centre for Management Consulting Excellence . The new logo needed to be stand alone but also to have a clear nod back to the parent Worshipful Company of Management Consultants crest as they will appear together at times. In design terms we offered a shortlist of icons including some based around the capital letter C, but with a small creative device in the negative space in the centre of the C. We then agreed on Franklin Gothic Medium Regular, with more prominence on two of the words.

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