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    Posted on September 25, 2013

    Smallest helps small rural communities to generate their own power using renewable methods.

    In the brand design we had to reflect the benefits to the communities who may be interested in such a scheme. Firstly they save money, secondly any surplus they generate can be sold back to the grid thus making money at the same time and thirdly they will be using methods which are renewable so better for the environment.

    The emphasis we wanted to stress was on empowerment and we firstly developed the strapline to convey both power generation and community empowerment. We wanted to give the brand an open friendly feel with a more financial and professional slant rather than overtly ‘green’ or home made look as although the green element is very important may be secondary to the overall communities considerations.

    European Union funded.

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  • Mercat Tours

    Posted on September 25, 2013

    Mercat Tours had an existing logo when they approached us. They wanted to upgrade it as they were conscious of the fact that they were the original walking tours company but now lost in a sea of copycat tours all using similar tactics.

    They needed to say professional and established. Particularly on their company stationery as they were using it to confirm bookings for national agencies and wanted it to look more official and tasteful. The company correspondence and the nature of their publicity material are quite different – education with entertainment and the icon worked on both equally as well.

    They sponsor the Mercat Cross in Parliament Square and so wanted to retain that as their symbol. Their tours also start from there and the cross is featured in them so it is an important landmark to the company.

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  • PowerPhotonic

    Posted on September 25, 2013

    Previous optics  industry experienced gained with Nikon helped our understanding of exactly what PowerPhotonic do and who for, making us adept at listening to the client and picking out product benefits and selling points to put to the fore of various communications however seemingly high tech and specialist for this former spinout company from Heriot Watt University.

    We still needed to research their competitors and related industry peers too, to appreciate what their potential buyers are used to. This was so that the new brand can sit comfortably amongst them but be completely distinctive from them. Fitting well but differentiating them in what is a specialist high tech market of laser beam technology.

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