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  • Legacy Support

    Posted on September 25, 2013

    Legacy Support specialise in the extraction and conversion of data from old formats into new usable formats. Easing problems while getting value of out of data rendered unusable until now. Their service also meant savings were made as their customers could shut down old legacy systems that duplicated work and costs but were kept running due to fear of losing data.

    We redesigned their logo, stationery set and the company website was given a completed refresh adding a great deal of value to this Client.

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  • Brooks & Lyndhurst

    Posted on September 25, 2013

    B&L retail exclusive global fashion ranges for a mostly female target market, launching the chic French interchangeable Zenka frames in the UK.

    We approached their brand as a brief for an up market high street fashion store, with the name up top and well presented windows to display the branded products.

    We wanted to convey tasteful and timeless which are reflected in the colour choices of black (neutral and ever fashionable) and gold on the ampersand icon (again neutral and timeless).

    We deliberately wanted to create a typographic icon for the brand and solved this by crafting the ampersand (&) symbol from a combined B and L (the initials of the names in the company title) but also still read simultaneously as an ampersand, thus making it truly distinctive.

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    Posted on September 25, 2013

    Smallest helps small rural communities to generate their own power using renewable methods.

    In the brand design we had to reflect the benefits to the communities who may be interested in such a scheme. Firstly they save money, secondly any surplus they generate can be sold back to the grid thus making money at the same time and thirdly they will be using methods which are renewable so better for the environment.

    The emphasis we wanted to stress was on empowerment and we firstly developed the strapline to convey both power generation and community empowerment. We wanted to give the brand an open friendly feel with a more financial and professional slant rather than overtly ‘green’ or home made look as although the green element is very important may be secondary to the overall communities considerations.

    European Union funded.

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