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  • A decade of design for Nikon

    Posted on February 3, 2017

    We are best know for our work designing and building international trade exhibitions for us across Europe, but we also have more than ten years worth of designing e-cards and preparing illustrations for Nikon’s corporate festive card. In this case cards are not for Christmas as that word itself is not to be used as the cards are sent our globally beyond the Christian world. However that holiday is now fully associated with gift-giving and frosty wintry images.  Here are some of our favourites:

    When we first started in 2004 the cards were for print and a jpeg was supplied almost as an after thought. Then we used to print the festive greetings text internally and some were done with matt and gloss laminates as touch and texture were important back then, when you tore open the card from it’s envelope. The move to e-cards only gave us new challenges, but now this is the most common way to receive a festive greeting.

    They can be used a a variety of messages and an illustration gets a far higher click rate than just a headline. Talk to us if you want to enhance your e-mail marketing campaigns and improve response rates.

    Posted by Neale Gilhooley Febuary 2017.

  • About Time for a change

    Posted on December 5, 2016

    Time recruitment's logo in 2 coloursIt is often the case that a busy company can be fully focused on servicing their customers, rather than beating their own drum and so they can remain as virtual hidden gems. Recently Time Recruitment decided that after being in business since 2000 it was time for a re-branding and a new fully responsive website to carry the message to a much wider audience.  So after a credentials pitch they decided to appoint Evolution Design to create their new logo and website. The logo has a new eye-catching icon which helps to differentiate the brand along with a bolder font and actually uses their existing colour scheme, just inverted for legibility and with a new contemporary appearance.

    Time Recruitment

    The new website is a fully responsive WordPress site and is built to be easier to update than Time’s previous CMS, now a new job vacancy can be created and uploaded in around a minute with cut & paste simplicity. Time also wanted to make a stronger feature of their collection of positive testimonials from both Clients and Candidates, both important for different reasons, but together a powerful proposition for a company in such a people industry to be able to demonstrate real integrity. Another element that we added is a Blog to help with displaying useful and engaging content, of interest to existing and prospective Clients, their bank of quality Candidates, their own staff and to Google of course. The new site is fully responsive auto formatting to mobile devices  or tablets, something that Google now gives search engine ranking priority to, so a timely investment. To visit the new site click here > Time Recruitment Services Ltd.  They are an independent company are based on Castle Terrace and since their inception specialise in the recruitment of both temporary and permanent office personnel, to contact them visit the site and contact Director Caroline Burns, who had this to say:

    “Time Recruitment Services opened in 2000, from then worked with the same website until late 2016. Meeting Neale Gilhooley at a Chamber event we discussed the benefits of a mobile friendly responsive WordPress website. We then requested detailed competitive quotation which we accepted. The entire experience with Evolution has been very positive and they have delivered on every promise made from the cost, the timing, the website design itself, training on WordPress and the follow up since launching the new website.  I cannot recommend Neale and Evolution Design highly enough, he was a pleasure to deal with as he is knowledgeable within his area of expertise and has a tactful and patient manner along with a dry sense of humour (always useful!) Neale did not bombard with unnecessary IT language, has been consultative, decisive and responsive to us as a client – he has the art of always making Time Recruitment feel as if we are the only client. We are delighted with our new website and have already seen an upturn in business because of it.”

    Praise indeed, and the service does not end there as we will meet to go over their webstats and Google Analytics data periodically.

    Posted by Neale Gilhooley on 5th December 2016, updated Jan 17

  • Building trust with the personal touch

    Posted on October 4, 2016

    will-writing-co-stand-design-2016Who would you trust with your life savings, your property and investments, you last will and testament; someone you’ve received a sales call from or someone you have actually met? This is where trust is the most important quality and meeting people face-to-face is the best way to be able to achieve that, not for a direct sale but as an introduction to the issues and needs that may arise, and not just in later life. When preparing for life and death matters you may need someone to manage your affairs in a legally correct way, in a manner that you would see fit, especially if you are unable to to these things for yourself in later life. People ought to consider these issues well before they are needed and the Will Writing Company specialise in preparing Wills and also Power of Attorney (POA) agreements.. Think if you were incapacitated for any length of time, who would manage your business interests or household if you had an enforced day-to-day absence. So a POA can have other practical uses.

    wwco-finalSo when is the best time to raise these delicate matters? Over 2,500 people attending the Alzheimer’s Show at Olympia in London are preparing themselves to face these questions. The stand that we designed and built for the Will Writing Company (past of the Estate Planning Group) needed to convey some of the key introductory messages, so we wrote some headlines about estate planning and POA not being solely for the very elderly. With today’s demographics if you do need to consider Power of Attorney and writing your first or updating a will why not visit the Will Writing Co experts for more information as wise estate planning is part of life’s journey as we say above. If you need exhibition stand design you can see more of our work on our Display & Exhibitions page.

    Posted by Neale Gilhooley