Posted on November 21, 2013

Christmas & Festive e-card designs

(updated 9/01/14) E-cards are not just for Christmas, but it is the most common reason that our customers request them. We started designing & printing traditional corporate Christmas cards for Nikon back in 2002. Soon after moving to create both printed and electronic card versions for them, until they became solely e-cards. Over the years we have created many wintry variants on the festive theme using four languages and no mention of the word Christmas as Nikon have customers beyond the Christian world. Many customers want e-cards that simply inform members or customers of festive opening hours or special promotional offers or upcoming sales.

In the last 10 years we have designed e-cards for Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce and SNIPEF and last year for the Don’t Freeze Up This Winter safety campaign, which linked back to the website with useful pre-cold weather tips and a local licensed Plumber search function.

Whatever your customer communication needs, there is still time to order an e-card for this Christmas and beyond.

Update: we have just completed 2013 e-cards for both Nikon and the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce again amongst others we will post some them here but only after the Client has sent them out of course.

Nikon Corporate Christmas e-card 2013[

Nikon Corporate Christmas e-card 2013

Nikon’s bespoke card illustration is left this year in 6 languages.

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By Neale Gilhooley Evolution Design