Creating icons and illustrations to differentiate logos

montage of illustrations and icons

We can either design icons as part of our logo design service or create illustrations as needed to help give visual impact, to differentiate logos or services, for sub-branding, especially when photography or other images don’t quite communicate enough. Over the years we have found that more Clients want to include illustrated elements and icons as an integral part of their branding.  Used well they can really add to the strength and visual appeal of a logo and add real character and personality which must help with brand recognition. You can see many examples within our logo design page and also on our blog where this post is all about their use.  Whether it is part of your logo or an illustration used to demonstrate a service or product they key is that it is relevant and adds value and is not just a distraction.  A great example seen here is the Penny Plumb character who we created for Plumbing Pensions the industry-wide pension scheme with assets of £1.5bn. With Auto enrolment changes to the pensions industry starting in 2012-16 there was a need to explain these complex changes and their effect to various audiences from Pensions, to Pension fund managers and even IFA’s. So Penny was used in an online guide to illustrate they key FAQ’s for each audience. She was also used in a roadshow to really speak to the people who mattered – the customers. Likewise the OCTES ‘Buzz’ figure just showed the way to smart metering. The illustration of the Mercat Cross was created from a line illustration which was then made into a lino cut to get that effect, contemporary colours were added to a font that looks old without being aged. The Greyfriars Roofing illustration was created to show the wide range of unusual conservationist type of project that they specialise in. For Nikon we illustrated a valley and sky showing a shimmering light effect.

If you want to know how an illustration or icon can help to differentiate you brand contact Neale Gilhooley to arrange a free consultation, via the header links or via our Contact Us page.