Posted on January 4, 2015

Domain name registrations; avoid the cheapest or you could pay later!

We have been registering domain names for ourselves and on behalf of Clients for over 15 years. We have found that the best formula is to open an account on behalf of the Client at 123-reg and then the Client has full ownership the domain names; the Clients has full control of the account; the Client has access and control over the company e-mails and the Client pays for all of these at cost price!

There are more domains now than ever before and it is always worth checking to see if a previously registered URL has been released or if an unavailable domain can now be created and registered at cost price. Great to add to your domain portfolio and also to avoid errors or some sneaky competitors activity.  Start the search process here: Search and register domain names and see what is available.

Why do we use 123-reg? After years of trying others (and some are quite good) we found that 123-reg offers more than the rest at no extra cost and gives real control to Clients via the Control Panel allowing us and them to do so much ourselves whereas other charge for some of these functions.

  • Price transparency with no sneaky hidden charges
  • No hidden charges to transfer away
  • Plenty of notice of renewals so no unwanted renewal charges, nor losing domains
  • Full access to DNS
  • No late penalty fees
  • No annoying advertising
  • UK based Technical and Account Help function, either by phone of online helper

They host more than 1.4 million websites and over 2 million domain names – making them the UK’s No 1 hosting company with good UK based technical support. If you have registered your domain name somewhere else you can usually transfer it to 123-reg free of charge. Through 123-reg we offer all that you will need for most websites, including webspace hosting packages, e-mail set up and e-commerce if needed.  If a Client wishes we can also upload sites with other ISP’s such as Lumison, Fasthosts,, Zen, Virtualnames and BT Openworld amongst others.  It costs nothing to search, click here. You can also read about the newly created gTLD’s (generic top level domains such as  .apartments .cloud  .credit  .plumber  .finance etc) here and about the new .scot domains too.

Contact us if you are unsure of which type of domain to register as costs range from £3 to £35 per year and quite a few domains ought to be avoided.