Posted on November 12, 2014

Don’t Freeze Up This Winter safety campaign

We were commissioned by SNIPEF to create the Don’t Freeze Up winter safety campaign originally launched in Northern Ireland then rolled out across Scotland too. Firstly we created a brand with it’s own graphic device and a standalone website which was aimed at offering advice, news and tips to help residential and business customers avoid the horrors and costs of frozen pipes and heating system failures over the often unpredictable winter period.

DFU homepageThe information was of equal use to householders and business customers and the free advice and top tips are provide alongside a search function leading to SNIPEF members firms who are certified to assist either offering advice beforehand or with any emergency work needed once the thaw sets in, as that is usually the time that something is noticed, particularly on offices which may have been closed over the weekend or over festive period. So as well as avoiding plumbing and heating leaks you can also save energy with these tips.  However there are ways of reducing your risk and they are covered on the website. This safety campaign has the high profile backing of the water utilities in both Northern Ireland and Scotland so their co-branding adds some authenticity to the campaign website as well as extra site visitors being sent by Northern Ireland Water, Scottish Water and Business Stream.

PrintSNIPEF has members firms across Scotland and Northern Ireland and as well as campaign flyers and e-mailshots to users, the way that we drove traffic to the website was through a commercial radio campaign and on banners ads in high profile publications such as the Belfast Telegraph online edition. Radio was used extensively, with both the Ulster 105 FM and the Q Radio Network of local stations as a low cost way of quickly reaching mass audiences, and we found this to be more effective that online banners ads. We scripted a short commercial and used the radio stations commercial production department and their own talent to provide and record the voiceover. As well as anecdotal evidence we also tracked traffic to the Don’t Freeze Up website via Google Analytics data. Now that the website is existing as a piece of marketing collateral for SNIPEF it can sit there all year and be ready to be accessed when the weather changes. We also registered the domain names with some variants to ensure that no one copies this potentially popular theme. The website has had thousands of unique visitors since its launch, including many referred by the Energy Savings Trust and SNIPEF’s own website  with very obvious seasonal peaks. Importantly the campaign continues to generate business enquiries for SNIPEF member firms, so it has proved to be a very useful investment for SNIPEF and it’s members as building the site around their existing database was one of the key objectives. SNIPEF also sent out mailers, and an e-newsletter and even sponsored an Ice Hockey league match to gain some extra TV and radio coverage. Our advice is don’t wait until the frost arrives before you visit Dont Freeze Up (site no longer tended by client).

Posted by Neale Gilhooley