Posted on January 14, 2018

Every conflict can come to an end using MNCRS

logo for MNCRS on blue backgroundIn the world of dispute and conflict resolution the words Mediation, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution have a special resonance and together they form the meaning behind MNRCS. Run by Paul Kirkwood, a qualified solicitor with significant experience in mediating in commercial business disputes, resolving workplace employment disputes, partnership disputes, personal injury disputes and education law disputes, Paul is the specialist to bring in if you need to break the deadlock in a situation. With a company name chosen it was time to start building the brand and Paul was referred to Evolution Design.

screenshot of MNCRS website homepageWe created a logo for MNCRS with the strapline – Mediation, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Services – giving an instant explanation of his core areas of practice. Then applied that to his new website which features Paul’s experience and background along with helpful videos where Paul goes a bit deeper behind the rationale for employing a skilled and experienced meditator and how mediation can move a dispute toward settlement and save a great deal of time and legal fees as well as the prevent emotional worry and stress caused by a legal case which can drag on for years. MNCRS cover three main areas of mediation and each has its own page on the website (which we registered as Commercial, Employment and Personal Injury each has its own service page and video which can be viewed onsite or via their new YouTube channel.  You can view the new MNCRS website here.

Blog homepage screengrabWe also designed stationery and built a blog for Paul Kirkwood Mediator as an experienced figure of authority within the industry where he can go into more depth about his approach to resolving cases and other wider industry issues. Blogs are excellent ways of building an audience and generating relevant website traffic. They are also ideal for someone like Paul to publish articles that have been written by him for publications such as Collaborate, the trade title for the Scottish Mediation Network. Both the website and the Blog have Google Analytics tracking code installed so that we can evaluate the performance of each and other marketing activity.

“I was referred to Evolution Design by a business contact who recommended their services for Web Design and Build. Neale Gilhooley responded to my initial email very quickly, and a meeting was set up within a couple of days. Neale took the time to find out about me and what I was about professionally and to make sure he understood his prospective new client’s needs. He undertook appropriate background research into competitors’ websites, and came up with a proposal for design and build within a few days. He listened to me carefully and came up with the strapline ‘Every conflict can come to an end’ from language I had been using. He also talked me through the design and build of the website involving me for colour scheme and physical set up all the way through. He also kept me encouraged to keep producing content, both for the website and the Blog, which he also set up – the Blog was Neale’s idea – a brainwave. A great way to market your services and let your peers know what you are doing, and that you know what you are talking about, through the social professional media platform, LinkedIn.
He also introduced me to a great film maker, Steve Pool of Illuminate – and together we made a number of short videos for the website. Neale knows where to find the right people to put your project together and coordinate it all for you. He is also very personable and easy to work with.
I thoroughly recommend Neale and Evolution Design to anyone seeking to get their own website up and running” said Paul Kirkwood, Director, MNCRS.

Always nice to hear positive feedback from a satisfied Client. Posted by Neale Gilhooley (Jan 18)