Posted on July 5, 2017

Global Surface Intelligence rebrands as GSI

You may not have heard of Edinburgh-based Global Surface Intelligence but you may benefit from their work via the managers of natural assets across the globe. With an international client base the decision was taken to follow the lead of clients and use the shorter name – GSI.

GSI logo scanThe re-branding brief included the logo and website as well as their own presentation material and some design input into their onscreen product interface itself. GSI wanted an icon that conveys what they do by taking satellite data and then processing it for the client (albeit using unique filters and algorithms run through a super computer), they themselves are not a satellite operating company, so imagery of actual satellites in orbit around planets or circling moons would be wrong and give the wrong signals of what it actually is that GSI does for clients.

image of website homepageOnce designed and approved we then implemented it consistently across the full range of marketing material, even developing a new illustrative style to tie the use of the brand together. GSI uses the most advanced system in the world to process and analyse satellite imagery in relation to natural resources, especially forestry and agriculture. For most of these new customers the first introduction to the brand is via the brand new fully responsive WordPress website.

GSI works for forest owners and forest managers, government agencies and companies involved in supplying inventory data services and the GSI team is comprised of big data and data science specialists, forestry experts and leaders in the field of high performance computing.

As well as measuring assets they are also involved in Carbon data, using satellite data to provide intelligence on the amount of carbon that can be stored in and absorbed by trees and vegetation across the planet’s surface. The market for carbon intelligence data is estimated to be growing at 20% pa and is currently worth around £20 billion pa. Until now, this carbon intelligence data has only been obtainable by carrying out extremely expensive and time consuming land-based ground surveys and even then, these surveys can only tell the area’s present state. Data like this has never before been available to this extent and certainly not on a global basis. The data also adheres to internationally recognised methods including the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Good Practice Guidance for Land Use and Forestry.

Award logoNews Update: GSI has announced that they have been awarded 5th place in the Critical Database awards for the IP100. This is in recognition of the unique value of their database and the insight it provides to customers.

Posted by Neale Gilhooley (updated 30/10/17)