Logo Design

56 North

Our client obtained a new lease in a highly visible in West Cross Causewayside, Edinburgh with a vision of making an old town bar and eatery based on the style of Indigo Yard and George Street bars of the New Town.

The name chosen is based on the latitude of Edinburgh. A lot of the design is simply based on that. A definite horizontal line situated over half way up the page for example on the menu cover and business card (pictured). The ‘T’ of the ‘North’ was turned into an upwards facing directional arrow and the ’56’ was partially covered to suggest a directional movement of the line and also an horizon. The green and red were chosen to convey warmth and richness and also in this case the green ties in with the existing green slate interior. The yellow on the inside of the menu is from the line on the cover. The solid coverage was to reflect a glow from the inside of the menus when they are stood up on the table with a tea candle on the inside.

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