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Logo Design

Aesthetic Spirit

Our client wanted their brand to look comfortable alongside competitors but with a warmer, less clinical and friendlier tone to reflect the kind of service they provide. Their approach and service is much more personal and involved free introductory sessions with post treatment after care unlike a lot of their competitors.

The colour palette came from the desired tone – we used an olive green with a deep sky blue from the outset that we could use a range of tints from. Clean, fresh, natural but also suggesting ‘clinical’ without being too cold. We created the ribbon icon which could be interpreted as elements that they thought could convey the service – a human figure; possibly female, something of the name i.e. spirit, a DNA helix, in sympathy with the characters in their name ‘a’ and ‘s’. Our solution was a painted freehand shape, scanned and outlined to form the 3D effect ribbon figure. This helped to give them distinctive but flexible image.

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