Posted on January 3, 2015

Exhibition stands designed & built for Nikon

Montage of 4 exhibition stands for Nikon

Our first introduction to Nikon was to assist them in taking existing graphics and text for other markets and making them work more effectively in Europe and the UK at a huge industry trade event called Semicon. The top right image was the first event where posters were design and flags created a lot of the branding effect.  We spent the next 8 years working with the Marketing and Sales team at Nikon to develop powerful sales propositions and impactful exhibition stands, many at 9m x 9m square which is a significant area to fill with ample display space, a built in meeting room for privacy, a kitchen and a reception desk.  The whole point of attending these trade events was to encourage face to face meetings between Nikons staff and existing or potential customers, so we built in seating areas for less formal meetings and chats with views of the DVD monitors so that Clients could see displays at any time.  Many of the later stands had back lit lighting and images running across the full length of the stand for maximum visual impact.  We always spent time developing the message for each years show, luckily Nikon always had something exciting to say and show as innovation is at the heart of the company. Nikon’s competitors were out in force at these global events so they actually formed a part of the target audience as not all innovations were for fully public consumption.

photo of Nikon stand design SemiconThe Semicon shows took place across Europe and we designed and built exhibition stand for use in some of the largest exhibition centres in several cities in Germany, Spain and once in Russia. Each event had its own logistical challenges and a team was sent out to built the stand before the event and take down the stand 4 days later, often involving working over a weekend in a foreign city.

backlit tall tower with Nikon logoThese stand need the modular display stand, graphic panels for each wall space and public area, with furniture such as meeting room desks and seats, a reception desk, stools and table tops, sofas for more casual seating areas, DVD and monitors a working kitchen with water and a sink, fridges and coffee machines all hired nearby to use the local power supply rather than having convertors and any risk attached to that. We also provided a full lighting rig that also needed to use the local power supply, so you can imagine the check list for  that operation. Add shipping the stand flatpacked each way and you can see how much work was involved in each show. We started the planing with Nikon around 8 months before the next season started.

Nikon also had the outside back cover of each years show catalogue. This was a prime position which we exploited with adverts created specifically for each years show then rolled out as their international trade advertising campaigns. This ensured that the audience for the show and those in the trade not attending would also be exposed to the message of what this years new innovation would be. We were careful to use these ads to create interest in visiting the stand to get the full story.

Montage of adverts for trade showsWe also tried hard to link the product attributes and brand values of the hand held Nikon cameras with the larger Nikon machines with a $12.5 million price tag. So leveraging the power of the equity brand and playing on the strengths of technology and innovation built around world class lenses. All work created by us in now copyright of Nikon and used with thanks.

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