Logo Design

Pilgrim Systems

Pilgrim Systems developer of LawSoft, legal practice management software. It is a competitive market with national and global companies selling their wares with various levels of functionality in the products they sell.

The brief was to create a contemporary image, professional, global, with a strong ‘techie’ feel as ultimately they are programmers who need to convey competency in information technology and software programming.

We avoided any direct references to the actual meaning or connotations of the word ‘pilgrim’ and chose to render it in a typographical style that was contemporary but we could modify slightly to make their own. We also chose to render ‘systems’ in a different font style and colour giving more prominence to ‘pilgrim’. The colours are a mix of a bold violet and a more muted warm grey to balance the tone of their identity. The picture of the man solving interconnecting points was ideal in conveying the complexity of the work they do. Pilgrim Systems was acquired by Thomson Reuters Elite.

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