Setting up e-mail marketing campaign

E card montage 15We design e-card graphics and e-newsletters as branded e-mail marketing templates and set up the initial e-mail campaign for you backed up by statistics. We can even help you to organise and maximise your various e-mail address books into useable databases. This give you the tools to run and refine your own e-mail marketing campaigns to communicate to different audience groups and send targeted e-mails to different audiences. We help you define your objectives and thereby create a strategy rather than seeing e-mails only as a tactical tool, or only an outbound marketing activity. We can back this up with evaluation tools from both the sender and also via your own webstats which tracks the traffic brought in this way.

MailChimpOpenRatesMontageWe will advise on content and frequency and on how best to track and evaluate your campaigns through free subscription services such as MailChimp and also through your web stats. We will show you the difference between spam mail and holding a dialogue with customers and discuss the difference between sales leads and marketing leads. We only use trusted mail services that allow easy unsubscribe as this actually benefits you, it keep your brand name clean and also you can learn a lot from your campaign results as to what is working best often through AB testing and even by with using different subject lines to maximise your opening rate. You can see which recipients actually open (and how often) and even which parts of the e-mail the click on telling your their area of interest should you wish to follow up. All e-mails are design to auto format to desktop or mobile/tablet use.

If you just send out e-mails then you might not be having a proper conversation with your customers, you  could just be conducting a monologue. By using a service that gives you a full campaign evaluation updated in real time, then you can gain a real understanding of who is listening and what action they are taking, whether it is to visit your website via the links inserted into the e-mail to click on an special offer or more. You can read more about the technicalities it in our popular e-mail marketing blog post. You can even schedule campaigns week in advance to go out at the optimum time for your needs. But automation needs some strategy and evaluation, we can help with both.

So do you have various e-mail address books or do you have a segmented customer database? We can show you how to make more use of your data and generate repeat business or just boost your lead conversions. Every business would you like to get more value out of enquiries, after all you have worked hard to generate them so why let them sit and decay over time. Even if you have years worth of e-mails addresses from various address books belong to different platforms such as spreadsheets, outlook, mobiles, CRM data etc. we can help to clean and de-duplicate these lists. Make use of your data, while it is still of use. If you want to know how e-mail marketing can help to promote you brand and services contact Neale Gilhooley to arrange a free consultation chat. Or e-mail Neale Gilhooley here.