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new gTLD’s – Generic Top Level Domains now registering

by Neale Gilhooley (published 12/2/14 last updated 2/12/14) Go straight to search for or register domains at cost click here: Evolution registered our first domain name ( in 1996 since then we have added many permutations, such as .com, .eu .org .co with and without hyphens in an effort to ward off competitors, not always  Continue Reading »

What could have happened to Scottish-based domains if Scotland had voted to leave the UK

By Neale Gilhooley, Evolution Design (updated 30th  March  17) There are over 10 million registered .uk domain names ending in;,,,,,,,,,,, and the last ones not being publicly available.  After you have invested years worth of time effort and cash establishing and promoting your website would  Continue Reading »