Posted on April 18, 2011

The Rhetorical Company

Rhetorical-home-300x270Some years ago we designed a website for an company of Latin speakers. This became apparent when we present our first visuals using the popular Lorem Ipsum font. This is a false font using Latin characters and famously starts …. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. And so on. You may have seen it used as placeholder text and is often used as real words in English often cause a distraction. The point being that when we presented our work to the directors of The Rhetorical Company they actually sat down and read this text and then corrected the grammar. We did laugh about it and it was the most unusual icebreaker in a new client meeting that we have ever had.  Mea culpa indeed.

Rhetorical-comms-300x300We then went on to design and build the website which was based on using their company Coat of Arms to walk site visitors through the company ethos. These crests are not just random they do have a much deeper meaning and are full of symbolism for a good reason, they have been around for hundreds of years from a time when most people could not read Latin or English so figures and symbols were essential in certain quarters including the battlefield. In Scotland have been  registered by the Court of Lord Lyon since 1592. To read more about their work visit Coast of Arms and company logos blog post. In this more modern case it was used to explain exactly how the consultants of the Rhetorical company use rhetoric and many other tools all depicted on the coat of arms as a methodology for providing their service. They even state on the homepage “The Rhetorical Company does not offer and does not believe in open courses or off the shelf programmes. Subsequently our professional communication skills courses and effective presentation skills training are always tailored to a specific clients established requirement”.  The Rhetorical Company has wound down after the retirement of the founder and key consultant Willie McNair. We wish him and the other consultant and staff a fond farewell and good luck with their future enterprises, or in other words Bona Vale.

The website has now lapsed as the company is winding down due to early retirement of its principle.

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