Posted on March 27, 2013

Website design client voted ‘2013 Pension Scheme of the Year’ runner up

Good news for our design client Plumbing Pensions short listed finalists in Pension Scheme of the Year category in the Financial News Awards for Excellence, partly due to the new website communications and award winning blogging efforts which tackle the ongoing changes in the Pensions industry within the UK with the invention of Penny Plumb and her easy to read user guide.  We created Penny to illustrate how pensions changes affect scheme members both Employers and Members and she also has a role in the trade advertising and at trade shows, becoming the face of Plumbing Pensions on

The Financial News online edition said: “the scheme has responded to the government’s 2012 Auto Enrolment reforms by bringing itself bang up to date, with a friendly-looking and informative new website starring “Penny Plumb”, and featuring award-winning blogging from pensions manager Robert Burgon, recognised last year by online pensions community Mallowstreet”


Update> Plumbing Pensions awarded a laudable second place in the Pension Scheme of the Year category at an event organised by Financial News magazine.

Nominated by the magazine and judged by a panel of 55 judges, the Scheme came second only to the Tesco Pension Scheme. Third place went to the BA Pension Schemes.

In reporting the awards event, held at the Savoy in London, Financial News said that “The plumbing scheme’s score (in the judging) is particularly impressive given that it is a fifth of the size of Tesco’s fund. Unlike Tesco, its fund is in a small surplus, despite the low bond yields and volatile investment markets that the industry has struggled with in recent years.” Awards Results News


Link to the publications event page:

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By Neale Gilhooley, Evolution Design