Posted on August 27, 2013

Who designs these weak logos for Adobe?

By Neale Gilhooley, Evolution Design

Looking at Adobe’s design cloud webpage I was struck by the sheer range of products, many of them as so badly branded (is that why they are called sub-branded?) that you wonder if they spent any time designing them or if they just came from a logo generating programme (a future or existing Abode product?) This screen grab has one logo that everyone will recognise and it is hidden in the middle, with very little prominence.


If you want to see the actual page it is here, how many of these logos would inspire you to buy or use that product for design purposes? Few if any.

One way to see how a company views itself is to review their Brand Identity Guidelines, here is what they say about their own ID, the Adobe brand platform and Brand promise, enabling people and organizations to create engaging experiences. For the full vision story go to page 4 of this PDF.

Although many of these logos are not that well designed, they registered trade marks of Adobe. Full list of products are here: