Posted on May 8, 2014

Why we actively encourage Clients to complain (via feedback and reviews)

British customers are notorious for not voicing their concerns. Instead just departing in quiet disappointment never to return. The end of the relationship, except one side does not even know it yet. Some other nations are quicker to voice their concerns while something can be done about it, that can lead to a more fruitful relationship based more on communicative collaboration.

EvolutionSMSurveyWhile each job is progressing we follow our rigorous approval system to ensure that we are meeting and exceeding expectations and that it is always on brief.  After the project is completed of course we don’t actually encourage Clients to complain but we do encourage their feedback even if that includes a negative comment as we view them all as constructive as seeking only praise will teach you very little. Whereas even a grumble can be a little nugget of information that we can use to improve our service offering.  We do this during each briefing session and during presentations of work, where constructive criticism is vital in progressing with shared expectations, but after each project we also seek feedback in a more formal way. It can also be used as a way of reminding Clients of other services that we offer. For ease we now we issue it as an online form sent out via our SurveyMonkey account > http://OneMinuteFeedbackForm

If you want to improve your customer communications do get in touch with us, before your competitors start talking to them.

logo of Which Web Design co ratingsMaking the most of positive reviews. Every company that we have done business with has a drawer full of glowing testimonials and messages of thanks from satisfied customers. But these are of little real value if they do not see the light of day. So we also encourage Clients to publish reviews online on their own website and on independent websites which carry more authority and are more likely to be found by potential customers while searching. A positive review is a great testimonial and helps to instill trust at a very early stage – as it is real. You can read some here at Which Web Design Co they also get a weblink and some extra link juice never hurts.

Yell listings for Edinburgh designersThese are much more valuable when posted as positive reviews online on, Google maps, Yahoo local and more. Each has a reviews sections and would you choose the company with three reviews or zero? You can also take ownership and add a logo and upload a selection of images, at no cost. Often it is the one deciding factor in generating an enquiry or site traffic. In B2B you can do the same on LinkedIn, and we all know the power of a positive referral, it equals instant trust. Not just an endorsement but a but a personally written endorsement says a lot and LinkedIn has a link that actually makes it very easy to ask your contacts, so why not? Start by doing a search on your own company and see how much or little comes up.

Now just for fun we thought you might like these illustrated client comments, the kind of feedback that can be less than helpful. It’s the kind of think we all say or hear but refreshing to see all the same, from a smart agency in Dublin > SharpSuits


Posted by Neale Gilhooley (updated 29/5/15)