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Design is a creative process. We create bespoke designs based on the unique needs of each Client, relying on our considerable expertise in creating marketing communications material. A briefing meeting is held to give us an understanding of the needs that the new logo, literature or website must fulfil. This enables us to prepare a professional design proposal covering our recommendations, the costs and timings, stating what we can do, how long it will take and exactly how much it will cost. We usually split the costs into a design fee which can be a fixed fee and a build cost for websites in particular as that can change as the size and functionality develops as we finished the site.

Then we present our initial designs to you, only proceeding when we have your input and approval to do so. If these designs need to be refined then we will be entirely accommodating and seek constructive input for you at every stage, from design, images and text content and colours. If your logo needs an illustrated icon then we will involve you in its development from start to finish, as we are designing for your needs, not ours. We are proud of our work without being precious about it.

We can also assist in creating powerful sales propositions aimed at motivating your target audiences. These marketing messages and signals are more than just headlines and content, they become the basis for your most important communications and marketing campaigns.

The website design approval procedure includes secure online testing of a full working online demo site before we publish on your domain. Then we can train your staff to update your own website and show you how to get the most out of webstats which can be used to help evaluate the new site together with any other promotional or marketing activity. creative breif colour chart and survey imagesAt the end of this professional design process we even assign the design copyright to you after all it should be your intellectual property to trademark and build your brand upon. This outlines the process but each Client is unique so please feel free to ask for information relevant to your specific business needs. Lets have a chat then we can prepare a design proposal for you. While most of our design client are based in Edinburgh and the Lothians,  we also do work for companies in Glasgow, Aberdeen and London.  To find out what our clients think visit our testimonials page, or ask us for case studies.  We also care about aftercare. In an effort to continually improve our services we also ask our clients for their feedback after each project > contact Neale Gilhooley if you would you like to see the results.  You can contact Evolution via the header links or via our Contact Us page. Contact Evolution if you need professional website or logo design. Let us give you the tools to build your brand.

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